Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Back again! - Tag der offenen Tür

As we decided to take a short break from our CanSat work, you may not have heard of us in the last time.

Now we're back again, preparing for CanSat 2016. We don't know yet where and when exactly the competition will take place. However, we do know that there's much to be done, so now, we're starting working again. As we will no longer be taking part in a German, but in a international competition, we decided to continue our blog in English. In addition to that, there's a tool on the right to translate the blog to any language you want.

The next event that will take place soon is our school's "Tag der offenen Tür" on November, 7. We will be there from 9am to 1pm to present our project and material, show photos, videos and all kind of stuff and, of course, to present and explain everything you want to know.

We would really like to meet you there and invite you to come!

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