Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 1 - Arriving at Santa Cruz

The adventure has begun!

Having been through a flight of three hours from Cologne to Lisbon as well as a one-hour bus ride, we finally arrived at our youth hostel in Santa Cruz, a small town 50km northern of Lisbon, at about five o'clock in the afternoon.

After check-in, we were glad to arrive at a very nice apartment that has a lot of space and thus enables us to work really efficiently and all simultaneously. There is currently some preparation work to do for our initial jury presentation as well as the test flight that will take place tomorrow.

The next step for us was the registration at the airfield where the launch as well as all of the presentations, pre- and post-flight work will take place.

We took dinner back at our hostel and had the opportunity of meeting some of the other teams, like the Finns, the Irish and the Poles. All of the others were really nice so that we are now looking forward not only to a lot of work to do but also to a great time together with great people.

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