Wednesday, 11 May 2016

gas chromatograph and data transmission

Today, there was no school for all of us due to oral exams for the graduating students. Therefore, we decided to meet in school and work on our CanSat.

Firstly, we finished the construction of our gas chromatograph which will be used for analyzing the air samples taken by our CanSat. We have ordered a construction kit and already built some parts of the whole arrangement just as the measuring device within the last few weeks.

At the start, we finished assembling and soldering the measuring board:

After we had put together the whole arrangement of the gas chromatograph, we were able to test the program in addition.

The received results are satisfying and showed the functionality of our gas chromatograph (the gas chromatograph's functionality). We will continue to test and to adjust it to our specific requirements in the following weeks.

During the day, we also tested the data transmission between our CanSat and the antenna. We specially focused on checking if the newly bought transmitter and receiver modules work smoothly. Therefore, we created a test program and applied it to a test concerning a distance of 200m.

Finally, we redeveloped our first ideas of our can's interior design.

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