Saturday, 21 May 2016

team interview, structural design, triggering mechanism

Currently, we are preparing our team interview which will be published on ESA's website in the following weeks. Therefore, we met today and developed a script for the video. We we are going to record it in our project room in the course of the next week.

Generating our CanSat's structural design has been quite productive. We established a CAD-model employing SolidWorks.

Furthermore, we finished the design of our triggering mechanism by finally perfectioning a mecanism in order to effectively transmit the servomotor´s power and convert the rotation into vertical movement. An interaction of fixed split pins can be compared to the mechanism of a crankshaft and connection rods. Consequently, the preproduction model has been optimized. We are going to inform you on the final machanism soon.

preproduction model
sketch of triggering mechanism

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