Sunday, 29 May 2016

Successful Project Day

Today we met in order to successfully complete several aspects of our misssion.

Triggering Mechanism
Our final triggering mechanism is composed of a servo motor whose rotation is converted into a linear vertical movement of the Vacuette, which is guided through a mounting. This conveyance is ensured by a fixed split pin. The interaction can be compared to the mechanism of an engine relating to the mechanism of a crankshaft and a connecting rod. The Vacuette is then to be broached by the cannula. In order to seal the Vacuette, the servomotor rotates in the counter direction. To ensure the stability of the system, the cannula is fixed in both vertical directions. A sufficient force exerted by the servomotor is necessary as the membrane is quite hard to be pushed through. This is what we were about to test today. It is proven that the exerted  force is enough. The vacuette moved 0.53 cm what it satisfying as this is a distance we can work with very well. Nevertheless, we modified the servomotor so that it is able to turn 360 degrees and can cover a distance of about 1 cm, even though the opening angle it is not aligned perfectly in the direction of movement. 

Structural Design
Due to the realization of our final triggering mehanism, we were able to completely finish the 3D-mounting of our CanSat. It is going to be printed tomorrow. Aftwerwards, the several components are to be fitted into the can. In case they cannot be perfectly placed into the mounting due to measuring inaccuracies, the 3D model is to be modified.
Video Editing- Team Interview
 The video for our team interview can be found on our youtube channel:

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